If one thing is for certain about Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, it is that he is one of the toughest signal-callers in the league. 

The ACL injury Watson suffered during practice last week that ended his season prematurely was devastating for the Texans and for the entire National Football League. 

What's worse, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the injury may have been inevitable.

It's not entirely certain if Watson suffered the ACL injury when he was hit hard by defensive end Frank Clark during the team's 41-38 loss to the Seahawks last week, but doctors say it certainly could be possible.

According to Schefty's report from doctors who studied the Week 8 film, "quarterback [Watson] planted and then went to an internal rotation of his femur with stress on his knee -- the mechanism of an ACL injury."

Schef went on to state that, "Doctors and trainers said they have seen athletes play full games on torn ACLs only to complain about knee pain later. So while many believe Watson tore his ACL on a run-option play during Thursday's practice, it's possible he initially injured his ACL and possibly even tore it last Sunday."

Regardless of how it happened, quarterbacks like Andrew Luck and Watson are victims to their own toughness and heart, trying to play through severe injuries while not fully disclosing the true state of their condition, which has consequently led to more troubles. 

Now Watson, like Luck, will miss major time. When the rookie will return is up in the air at this point.

Could we blame Watson for not wanting to take a week off? He has been red hot and possibly the best player in the NFL ever since he took over under center for Houston in Week 1. 

Unfortunately, though, Houston fans and fans of the NFL all over will have to go without him for the rest of 2017.