​Oh this could be interesting. 

At the NFL trade deadline, the 49ers made a huge splash in the market, sending a second-round pick to the New England Patriots in exchange for talented young QB and perennial Tom Brady backup, Jimmy Garoppolo. 

With that move, the entire league thought the 49ers found their QB of the future. However, some sources in the NFL believe the team may have some entirely different plans running through their heads. 

​​According to reports, some believev the 49ers will not look to lock Jimmy G up longterm, and instead look to tag and trade him for more assets in the offseason. Then, the team would look to spend some of their $60 million in cap space on the likes of Kirk Cousins. 

This would certainly be interesting, but one thing would likely have to happen. If the 49ers want to be winners in this deal, Garoppolo will have to play this season and prove himself more valuable than just a second round pick. 

There are numerous paths San Fran can take with their new QB, but it sounds like they haven't decided just yet. The fact is they have options, and that more than anything is gold in the NFL.