​Could Bill Belichick really be this petty?

There are probably some people who don't know this, but Belichick actually got his coaching start with the Cleveland Browns back in the 1990s. It didn't end well, and I guess he's still bitter about it, especially with the revelation of this latest report.

Apparently, the Browns asked the Patriots about the availability of Jimmy Garoppolo before the trade deadline, and the Pats said they weren't trading him.

Belichick reportedly had no interest in dealing him there, and never even called them before sending the QB to San Francisco. The Browns even asked to be notified if a trade was on the table, but no call came. 

There are a couple of explanations here, the first being that the report is true. According to Daniel Jeremiah, there is a sense around the league that Belichick is still bitter about his departure from Cleveland, and wouldn't consider sending Garoppolo there. 

It's tough to see Belichick ignoring the possibility of a better offer, but he likely doesn't want to help out an AFC team.

The second option is that the reports are true, but that New England didn't call the Browns because Jimmy G didn't want to play there. Garoppolo has been very cooperative by not demanding a trade during this process. Perhaps this was his reward. 

Finally, there's a chance that Cleveland leaked this report to save face, and that they just dropped the ball and didn't make an offer. After the week this front office had, I wouldn't be shocked by that. 

Any of those options could be true, but I'm betting on some combination of all three factors.