​In 2015, the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50. Peyton Manning missed a few weeks and during that seven-game stretch Brock Osweiler preserved their playoff hopes, conducting the second leg of the season, and helping them finish the regular season 12-4. 

The last regular season game of 2015 was Brock Osweiler's most recent start as a Denver Bronco. Since then, his journey to Houston and Cleveland earned him some money, but his good fortunes dried up along the way. He did leave his mark as a Texan, though, breaking a single-season franchise record for interceptions with 16. 

That single-season record was worth $37 million, which was the guaranteed portion in Osweiler's four-year, $72 million dollar contract. 

​​Osweiler quickly got the boot once the Texans landed their current starter and franchise savior, Deshaun Watson. From there he was exchanged to the Browns along with Denver's 2017 sixth-round pick and 2018 second-round pick.

His career in Cleveland lasted through the off-season, and DeShone Kizer's arrival ultimately dismissed Brock's services. Two teams in two years, a lot of money, and poor performance. 

Interesting! Does Denver fail to see a pattern developing? Looks like it, but that may be due to the fact that his payroll isn't coming out of their pockets. 

​​The Broncos quarterback situation has been a disaster since Peyton Manning retired. It looks as if Vance Joseph's bottom line is experience. They brought on Brock towards the end of the preseason when Paxton Lynch injured his shoulder. Nobody thought they would see Osweiler playing in a game this season, let alone starting one.  

Trevor Siemian has played lousy, throwing the third most interceptions in the league with 10. Over the course of the Broncos three-game losing streak, Siemian's touchdown to interception ratio was 2:6 and managed an average QBR of 19.4. 

In an interview about the QB swap, Vance Joseph had this to say: “It’s a week-to-week business, so my focus is absolutely on Sunday. It’s simple, right? If Brock plays well, he’ll play next week. That’s just simple. That won’t be hard to determine after Sunday’s game."

​​Going up against the Eagles this week, odds are the decision for Joseph after Sunday's match up wont be that simple.