​The safest bet this NFL season has been the Ezekiel Elliott saga lasting to the mid-season mark. It was reported just a few days ago that the NY judge denied Elliott's injunction, reinstating his six-game suspension.

Of course, as we've seen already, Zeke's camp is sure to try and fight the latest decision. The NFLPA filed an emergency motion on behalf of the Cowboys star running back but there is no guarantee the appeal is heard anytime soon.

At this point in the whole process, it just doesnt make sense for Zeke to keep fighting regardless of whether the NFL is using him as a scapegoat or not. 

If everything remained the same and Zeke sat out the next six games, he would return Week 15 just in time to close out the season against the Raiders, Seahawks and Eagles. Three tough teams that Dallas is going to need him for, especially if they are still in the playoff hunt.

Keeping this distraction ongoing is only going to have negative effects for a coaching staff and team that would have no clue when their best player is suddenly unavailable. 

I think everyone with knowledge of the situation understands that Zeke is going to have to serve his suspension eventually. Had he just accepted it from the beginning, he'd be back by now and this whole thing would be in the past.

Instead it continues to drag on all the while Zeke's name continues to be dragged through the mud. This is a PR nightmare for him and the Cowboys while the NFL gets to look like hero's by cracking down on domestic violence, something they failed to do in the past.

Regardless of who is right and who is wrong in this situation, Ezekiel Elliott needs to do what is best for the Cowboys and serve his suspension now.