After a shocking trade, we always have to constantly be reminded that sports are still a business. 

That doesn't make it hurt any less for players involved.

With impact wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin now on his way to Buffalo after he was dealt by Carolina before the trade deadline, we saw a number of Panthers players voice their frustration, including three players on the defensive side of the ball. 

If you think they're upset, just think about how Cam Newton feels as he watches his top target head to Buffalo. 

In a touching goodbye post on Instagram, Newton clearly called out the Panthers about trading his teammate and friend. 

As the caption reads: somethings you will NEVER understand! DAMN I miss my dogs! 

You can always find a reason why players are dealt at the deadline, but it's understandable for Newton to be confused at this point. The Panthers are 5-3 and would sneak into the playoffs as the NFC's sixth seed if the season ended today. One would think that this scenario doesn't really warrant moving a top offensive weapon. 

Hopefully, someone can give Newton an answer, because we're all curious.