What is that famous principle where anything that can go wrong will go wrong? 

It's called Murphy's Law, but it might as well be renamed to the Cleveland Browns after they once again botched another chance at acquiring a quarterback that could have lifted them (at least a little bit) from the embarrassment of another failed season.

As the story goes, the Browns were oh so close to making a trade for what feels like their 100th quarterback in the past five years, but the deal never was finalized before the 4 p.m. ET deadline, which completely derailed the transaction.

So what in the world happened and why did this become a close call that never was?

Oh, please say it ain't so Cleveland. Not only is this further throwing salt in the wound, but what does this near miss say about your confidence in your recent draft pick, DeShone Kizer?

Bleacher Report's Matt Miller was so angry with the Brown's ineptitude that he misspelled Kizer's name out of pure anger.

With the way this whole craziness went down, perhaps McCarron is lucky this trade fell through anyway.

Just completely irresponsible. Congrats Browns, you can now add A.J. to your long list of "ones that got away."