The Patriots future at QB is no longer certain. 

With Tom Brady sitting at 40 years old and only a few more years in front of him, New England believed they had his successor in Jimmy Garoppolo. Now, that doesn't seem like the case. 

Jimmy G has officially been shipped off to San Francisco.  


Absolutely unbelievable. 

The Patriots reportedly received a ton of interest for their young quarterback during the offseason, but decided to hold on to him and pass up a number of offers. It's unclear what exactly changed for this team, but it sounds like San Francisco's offer was too good to pass up.

San Francisco walks away from this trade with a new franchise quarterback for just a second-round draft pick. Even though it's going to be extremely early in that round, it's still an easy decision to acquire a player of his caliber for that price. 

Hopefully for the sake of Patriots fans, Brady plays for another 10 years.