​A strong relationship has formed between the Washington Nationals and United States military since baseball returned to the nation's capital, but it's looking like those days will end.

In a dispute with the Baltimore Orioles regarding a territorial issue, the Nationals have decided not to host the Naval Academy Baseball Classic in 2018.

Back on April 1, the Nationals hosted a game against the Boston Red Sox at Max Bishop Stadium in Annapolis. There were 1,030 spectators, including 800 midshipmen in uniform.

Before the game, both teams joined for a tour of the Naval Academy grounds. No game had been held there since May 4, 1987, when the Houston Astros played the Naval Academy team.

This Baseball Classic was scheduled to be held through 2019, and the Orioles had the option to disallow it earlier this year. Baltimore owner Peter Angelos has gone forth with the MLB Constitution stating that the Nationals can't play in his team's domain.

This may turn out to be a major controversy between the teams, and things could very well get interesting when the 2018 season rolls around.