NFL athletes go out every week during the regular season and put their bodies on the line in a fast-paced, high-impact sport to provide their fans with electrifying plays. But every once in a while comes a moment where a horrifying injury makes the game hard to watch.

That was the case this weekend during the Chicago Bears' trip to New Orleans to take on the Saints in Week 8. Tight end Zach Miller went up for what looked like a routine catch in the end zone and came down incredibly hard on his leg.

(Warning: The content of the following video is extremely graphic)

He required immediate attention from medical staff and then emergency surgery shortly after.

Earlier today it was reported that he was ​in danger of losing his leg as a result of artery damage, which had fans terrified for Miller's well being. Well, we're please to say there's a positive update on that front.

The Bears released a statement regarding Miller's current status:

We're not entirely sure if the 33-year-old is entirely out of the woods yet regarding earlier reports of him losing his leg, but this is certainly a positive sign as he continues to be under evaluation.

What's for sure is that his season is done, and possibly his career. With his future livelihood still unclear, we hope that the updates continue to be positive for Miller as he continues to battle through.