​Florida was absolutely trounced in their Week 9 contest with Georgia, losing big to the Bulldogs by a score of 42-7. 

The Gators looked flat out inferior to the Bulldogs in just about every aspect of the game, and it seems that the front office noticed the poor performance. 

Just one day removed from the miserable loss and it seems that head coach Jim McElwain's tenure in Florida is coming to a close. 

According to reports, McElwain and Florida have decided to part ways effective immediately.

​​In three years at the helm of the Florida Gators coaching staff, McElwain posted a 22-12 coaching record. 

The Gators have slugged to a 3-4 start this year, and their victories have not been truly convincing, managing to steal a win from Tennessee in the final seconds. 

McElwain's recruiting work has left Florida's offense a few steps behind the elite SEC teams and it has become quite evident this season. 

It's unclear who the Gators will bring in to replace McElwain at this point, but since Urban Meyer left, they've been searching for someone to finally step up and it hasn't happened.