Nagging injuries are an accepted part of playing in the NFL, but there's nothing worse than when they ultimately end your season early.

Players work all year to get ready for the campaign, and then to have it cut short just halfway through is about the worst thing that could happen.

Unfortunately, Washington linebacker Mason Foster has to come to terms with this Friday.

​​Just a terrible way to end things for a standout player. 

It's even more insane when you learn that this isn't an injury he sustained recently.

​​I sometimes don't want to get out of bed because my back is sore. Foster played three full speed professional football games with a torn labrum. He's incredible. 

Eventually, though, the pain became too much for Foster, and now he's finally getting surgery to repair his labrum. It's a shame, because he was having another solid season with 31 tackles, 0.5 sacks and a single interception. Of course, he's coming off a career year in Washington, notching 124 total tackles.

Still, he seemed motivated and ready for a comeback next year. 

​​Here's hoping we get to watch Foster on a football field again by Week 1.