​Moments before the NBA season tipped off, news broke about Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis getting into an ugly altercation at a Chicago Bulls practice.

During the fight, Mirotic suffered a concussion and several facial fractures. The Bulls handed Portis an eight-game suspension. 

It now appears that Mirotic won't accept Portis as a teammate, and has given Chicago an ultimatum:

​​While this "him or me" demand might seem a little premature, there is fair reason behind it. After all, what player could possibly be expected to get along with someone who physically attacked them?

For Mirotic, accepting ​Portis' apology and moving on is a bridge too far.

​​When the scuffle broke out between the two players, the Bulls must have known that there would be more headaches to follow. All told, keeping both forwards around could only hurt the locker room and threaten the chemistry of a team already expected to bottom out in a big way this year.

However inconvenient it may be, it's time for GarPax to face the music and make a roster decision.