We've heard some pretty brutal comments from multiple owners regarding the recent string of pregame protests in the NFL, but this one may have risen to the top. 

We've seen owners like Jerry Jones threaten to bench players before quickly backtracking and holding a team meeting to address the issue, and he's clearly not the only one to have the same opinion. The cabal of Trump donor owners have certainly considered banning the protests in order to make sure players respect the flag. 

Just take this power-mad justification from Texans owner Bob McNair.

Instead of respecting the opinions and movements of his players, it turns out he compared them to inmates and said they can't be "running the prison". 

​​What a horrible thing to hear from your employer. 

It's racially-tinged comments like that which caused this issue to blow up in the first place. The uproar of people who disagree with protesters have only caused them to fight back even more, something you can guarantee will take place in Houston. 

While McNair apologized for his comments and said he didn't mean them literally, it's too late to take them back. It was a private meeting. McNair knew his words weren't likely to leak, so he let loose. Now he's scared.

Tensions are at an all-time high, and saying words like that serves the same purpose as pouring a tub of gasoline on an out-of-control fire.