This has not been a banner week for ESPN.

They took heat for ​repeatedly forgetting the existence of the White Sox. They made a complete mess of the ​Barstool Van Talk airing, cancellation, and aftermath. Now, it appears they're going to be facing some pretty significant cutbacks in the near future.

The Sports Media giant could lose up to 60 employees both in front of and behind the camera, Sporting News reports.

​​This is the second round of significant layoffs at ESPN this year, after a hundred employees were laid off back in April.

While ESPN and their parent company Disney will assert that these layoffs are as a result of sagging ratings and low profit margins, it doesn't help that ESPN has been in the midst of several public relations disasters of late.

First, they drew criticism from all sides for their treatment of outspoken anchor Jemele Hill. And we can't forget how absurd it was that they cancelled their partnership with Barstool after one episode of their new show after realizing what they'd signed up for.


​​ESPN's been seeing a steep decline in quality in recent years, with legends like Chris Berman moving on from the company. There's a lot of work to be done if they want to right the ship.