What in the world is ​Ndamukong Suh thinking?

Suh has a rough reputation in the league, as he's thrown some cheap shots dating back to his days with the Lions. On Thursday night, it appears Suh and the Dolphins are doing everything in their power to make sure the Ravens have no healthy QB's left on the roster.

After a play in the red zone when the game was well out of hand, Suh grabbed backup Ryan Mallett by the throat, and shoved him to the ground.

Seriously? What is that?

Suh's paycheck is going to feel light next week, given his history and reputation. He can't even argue with this one, though. Mallett stands at 6-7, and is by no means a small man. Yet Suh throws him down to the turf with ease.

This act was uncalled for. But as we've seen before with Suh, he doesn't seem to care about unwritten rules.