Joe Flacco is out for the game.

The Ravens hopes this season, as they do most years, lie on the arm of quarterback Joe Flacco. While we can argue whether or not that's a good strategy or not, it's a decision that's been taken out of their hands likely for the remainder of this game.

While driving, Joe Flacco scrambled out of the pocket and ran for a first down. As he slid to the ground, Kiko Alonso dove into him, arm extended, with an intent to lay a major hit on the Super Bowl winning QB. 

The resulting play was undoubtedly dirty, and blatant. Alonso will likely be fined, and frankly should have been thrown out of the game.

Alonso had time to pull up, but saw a chance to lay out Flacco and did so, forcing the QB's helmet off and knocking him straight into concussion protocol.

The NFL hasn't been kind to hits like this in the past. For now, the focus is on Ryan Mallett.