​Come on, Kyrie. You CANNOT keep doing this.

We let the whole "the Earth is flat" thing slide and ​played it off as a joke, but that was your one get out of jail free card. The idiocy is now becoming an alarming trend.

I want to give you credit as a baller out of Duke, but a couple more comments like this and we may have to go back and check if Irving was actually doing any learning in his brief time in college.

Duke may have some explaining to do.

Kyrie, really? There's no way you'd believe they'd actually dig up the boards from the Bucks old throwback court and have you play on that. You've got to be kidding.

Hopefully the report comes out soon that the reporter was actually getting Punk'd and Kyrie was in on it because this is just blatantly unintelligent. 

If I had to try and come up with some defense for Irving, maybe there's some truth the idea that a new, freshly painted court could feel a little different underneath your sneakers than a usual court.

However, that would suggest that the usual courts aren't maintained well, which I also don't know to be true.

In the end, we can only hope that Irving just didn't understand what the reporter was saying or that he was just pulling his leg. Those are the only two reasonable explanations.