If we are to accept all the hype that's surrounded this year's No.2 overall pick, we are now officially four games into the Hall of Fame career of Lonzo Ball.

Ball is averaging 11.5 points, 9 assists, and 9 rebounds. He's certainly put his versatility on full display up to this point, but his humble scoring average is a bit inflated-- if you exclude a 29-point performance against a disastrous Phoenix Suns team that probably doesn't even have any business being in the NBA right now, Ball's point totals have been pedestrian.

His game in Phoenix was clearly an outlier. When he's faced typical NBA competition, his scoring line just doesn't measure up.

He put up just three points in an opening night loss to the Clippers, eight points a few days later versus New Orleans, and a measly six points Wednesday night against Washington despite the game going to overtime.

All the while, he's shot 37 percent on two-point attempts and just under 23 percent from beyond the arc.

For a guy who's supposedly "already better than Steph Curry," to hear a certain NBA dad tell it, those numbers tell a completely different story. In the end, his totals will quite possibly level out. But it's too early to know for sure.

Though Ball is keeping up his end of the deal in terms of distribution and rebounding, Lakers fans are naturally going to want more than six points in close to 40 minutes of action from their starting point guard.

For now, Ball is simply struggling to prove that he can be an offensive force.

And while doing all the "other stuff" is important, putting it in the net is still the name of the game.