​When you've won about as many games in the last three seasons as the Cavs did last year alone, you've got to get a little bit creative with the game plan.

With the three-time Eastern Conference defending champs on his home floor, all bets were off as far as ​Trevor Booker was concerned.

Any advantage he can get, he's certainly willing to take, and if that means sneaking into a huddle or two...so be it.

​​As they say, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, and although it's doubtful that Booker got much of anything from that brief interaction, it must have still felt good to be in the huddle of winning team for once.

And, of course, making Tyronn Lue crap his pants was priceless.

Maybe Booker can go back to his huddle now with a secret or two and a bit more insight on how the Cavs keep consistently getting it done.

Although, honestly, the message he'd likely relay to his coaching staff in regards to Cleveland's success would probably be a short one, and shouldn't have taken too long to figure out after quickly looking around in the Cavs huddle.

Simply put, they have LeBron over there.