​Brutal ratings for the 26-year-old infielder!

​Just as NFL players keep a close watch on their Madden ratings and NBA players hawk their NBA2K ranks, Atlanta Braves' second baseman Micah Johnson has a bone to pick with this particular video game maker.

​The app simply doesn't respect Johnson, a former 9th round draft pick, and the numbers don't lie.

​Check out his hilarious self-criticism of his game:

​​In 18 games with the Braves this season, Johnson posted a .200 batting average, so he's definitely telling the truth when he says he's "no Babe Ruth." On top of that, the Indiana native still has yet to tally his first home run ball in the majors. An argument can be made that 16 is too generous from the game makers.

​But 33 speed? Stop it. The guy might not be much of a base stealer, but he's right: 33 speed has ​Greg Bird written all over it.

​​We need justice for Micah Johnson and we need it now.