​As you've likely heard, ​Dusty Baker is out as manager of the Washington Nationals after two seasons that produced the first back-to-back NL East titles in franchise history.

​​Why, then, with all that success, did the Nationals decide to part ways with Baker? Ultimately, it had to do with playoff failures.

Check out this ruthless statement from Nats GM Mike Rizzo:


While the move to fire Baker is understandable given the Nats' status as perennial playoff underachievers, to add insult to injury like this is cold, even for a place like the nation's capital.

I mean, how many teams out there would kill for 90-plus wins and a division title (hi, Padres)? What Dusty did for Washington is impressive even if a postseason series win continued to prove evasive.

We get it, Rizzo. You've got to fire the guy. 

But have a little heart, huh?