There's definitely a history of hatred between the Eagles and the Redskins. Then again, Eagles fans pretty much hate everybody. 

Philadelphia fans don't exactly have the best reputation in the world. They're known as a harsh brand of people that have no problem crossing any line that happens to be placed in front of them. Everyone knows what they're getting into with Eagles fans, including Redskins running back Chris Thompson.

Which is why he's keeping his family far away from the game this Monday. 

Thompson isn't letting his family attend the game to keep them away from Philly faithful. 

​​Redskins head coach Jay Gruden may have some love for one Eagle in particular, but that is clearly where the love stops between these two teams.

You can't really blame Thompson from keeping his family away from what he calls some of the meanest fans he's ever experienced, but it's truly a shame that fear of fans would keep his family from enjoying the game live. 

When he tears up the Eagles on Monday night, it looks like his family will have to cheer him on from another location.