Aaron Rodgers is known as one of the most exciting players in today's NFL and maybe even in history of football. 

He's the guy who can wreck your heart with a last minute Hail Mary; he's the guy who can make the impossible throws look routine; he's the guy who can tell you "R.E.L.A.X, relax," and make you believe it.  But the man wasn't always a legend. Rewind the tapes 20 years ago, Rodgers was just another California kid with big dreams.

At his last year at Cal when he was going through the media circus for a top NFL recruit QB, one of the greatest videos in his entire career emerged. 


Even in his 20s Rodgers was a great interview. He's funny, cocky, honest -- all the ingredients of a Hall-of-Fame talent with a superstar celebrity. 

Unfortunately, the ballsy moment didn't do much to boost his draft status, as he slipped to the bottom of the first round in the 2005 draft, so hopefully he at least got the blonde Fox reporter's number. 

Now, fans across the NFL (excluding fans from other teams in the NFC North) are coming to grips with dealing with a season without Aaron Rodgers. Heal quickly Aaron, we'll miss you on Sundays.