​When the Golden State Warriors opened their season on Tuesday night, the world was also introduced to Klay Thompson's doppelgänger. 

The fan's facial hair and complete Warriors uniform stole the show, as people couldn't stop talking about him on Twitter. 

Although it seemed pretty obvious that he was nothing more than a lookalike, it turns out many people were fooled by his appearance.

Fake Klay Thompson drove around the streets near Oracle Arena and actually had fans believing it was their star shooting guard. 

​​Whether it was signing autographs, dunking on fans, or trying to cross up random people, fake Klay Thompson had himself a blast. In fact, someone called it "the best birthday gift ever," which clearly shows he duped some fans.

As the NBA season continues to roll on, we can continue to hope that there will be even more footage of Klay Thompson's twin. Perhaps a fake Kevin Durant or Steph Curry will join the fold and form a fake superteam.