​You believe in ghosts? 

It's October, after all, so things are naturally a bit more spooky and eerie this month. If there is one team that has more postseason magic than any team (generally speaking), it is the New York Yankees. It was easier to get that magic in the old Yankee Stadium, but many wondered when the Yankees moved if the ghosts of old Yankee Stadium would follow. 

Based on the postseason the Yankees are currently having, I think it's safe to say that some of those ghosts fell in line and floated across the street. The Yanks have been in their new stadium for eight years, and yet, they've just started to bring those old stadium ghosts back, one of whom might be having a newfound impact on this squad.

If you believe star first baseman Greg Bird, that is.

Gene Michael was a shortstop, coach, scout, manager and executive in the MLB who played for four teams, one of which was the New York Yankees. However, you might know him better for ​building the Yankees dynasty of the 1990s.

And Michael no doubt had a massive impact on these current Yankees (quite literally), as he remained a trusted advisor right up until his untimely and sudden death.

Gene Michael passed away just last month, and a spiritual fan can't help but notice how much he's helping the Yankees in what is developing into one of the most exciting postseason runs in a while. 

And as long as the players keep acknowledging the ghosts, this relationship could continue to prosper.