This is just one of those incredible moments. 

It was reported over the weekend that rookie New England Patriots linebacker Harvey Langi and his wife, Cassidy, sustained serious injuries in a car accident on Friday night. While neither sustained life-threatening injuries, the scene of the accident was gruesome, and the Jaws of Life were necessary.

The pair were originally taken to separate hospitals to begin the recovery process. Harvey was released from the hospital earlier this week, while Cassidy remained in care for further observation.

However, that didn't stop the Brigham Young product from being with his wife in her time of need.

Watch the video of the pair reuniting for the first time since the horrific accident below, but maybe only if you have a tissue or two next to you:

Stories like this really put things into perspective. It would've been easy to say that this guy's life revolves around football and spin the story toward the impact of his injuries, but that isn't the case. What matters here is that two lives were saved, and now they'll get to continue forward and grow stronger together.

May these two be blessed with a speedy recovery.