​If you're surprised by this, you don't know who Skip Bayless is.

The man is an unapologetic LeBron hater and there's no filter. It doesn't matter the situation, Bayless will go off on whatever social media platform there is like a babbling buffoon.

Surprise! He did it on Tuesday night RIGHT AFTER Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome (and likely season-ending) ankle injury.

If you were wondering Skip's analysis of Hayward's devastating injury, it's that LeBron is soft and will once again have a cakewalk to the Finals.

Let's just say this wasn't met with positivity, as one notable NBA star called Skip out:

On a night where the NBA suffered a huge loss in the form of a superstar and genuine individual, all Skip is worrying about is his brand being on point. Gotta keep hating on LeBron, right?!

Welcome to 2017, the year of the plunger. Please get us out of this dump.