This video is not for the faint of heart. 

We've seen our fair share of broken leg injuries over the years, and they never get any easier to watch. Kevin Ware, Paul George and even Odell Beckham have suffered some gnarly injuries, and this latest broken ankle is just as awful to behold. 

Unfortunately, Gordon Hayward looks like he'll be out for awhile after coming down badly on an alley-oop attempt. 

Hayward came down awkward, and just about everyone in the building knew that Hayward had suffered a broken ankle almost immediately. You can hear the stunned shock in Marv Albert's voice as he makes the call. LeBron is pretty shocked as well.

Good sportsmanship, to say the least.

This is simply awful news for Hayward, who was just over seven minutes into his tenure with the Celtics. We know it's possible to bounce back from this injury, but it will certainly take some time.