​Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis were involved in an in-practice altercation, which resulted in Mirotic being hospitalized with two broken bones in his face after a reported cheap-shot punch from Portis. 

Thanks to some new reports, more details have been unearthed about the altercation, and it seems that the pair were exchanging verbal shots at each other before the exchange became physical. 

The pair began to shove one another before Portis connected with a punch that left Mirotic on the ground for several minutes. 

​​Mirotic is expected to miss a few weeks of the season while recovering from his facial injuries as a result of the Geno Smith-esque incident. 

This is certainly not the news Bulls fans were hoping to hear just two days ahead of their season opener against the Raptors. 

It's unclear if Portis will face punishment from the team as a result of his actions, or if this is just a bizarre way for the Bulls to tank this year.