Big news, MLB fans!

There's reportedly a "growing consensus" around Major League Baseball that there will be an expansion ​to 32 teams, leading to major realignment and adjustments to the schedule.

The two leading cities for expansion are Montreal and Portland, and if this happened, the schedule would go from 162 games to 156 games.

This is where things get really interesting. 

Tracy Ringolsby suggests that one proposal would have the teams aligned into four divisions (East, North, Midwest and West), which would help with travel into different time zones. With the schedule reduced to 156 games, every team would have an off day once a week.

In Ringolsby's proposal, there would be 12 playoff teams, four of them being division winners and guaranteeing a five-game division series with the other eight teams playing in one-game Wild Card games.

The baseball purists would hate this massive change in the sport, but if this happens (which seems more likely now than ever before) there will be more interest and more teams would be "in the hunt" than ever before.

This game is built off history and the record books, and while this would change both, it's a step in the direction of bringing in the modern fan. Instead of fighting the inevitable, we should embrace it and figure out how this is going to work.