Everyone knew Colin Kaepernick going after the NFL was big. We just didn't expect it to be this big.

Ever since the former 49ers QB decided to kneel during the National Anthem a year ago, his actions have sent ripples through the league. It's led to countless protests by other players and has also been a key factor in his unemployment. 

While Kaepernick tries to prove that is the reason for his lack of employment by filing a grievance against the owners for collusion, he's going after something much bigger than just a spot on an NFL roster.

He's going after the CBA.

If Kaepernick proves there was collusion between the owners against him, he can have the entire CBA terminated. 

​​This is much bigger than a backup quarterback job. 

In the current CBA, article 69, Section 2 allows early termination if collusion is in fact proved. All Kaepernick would need is one incident involving owners to have the entire CBA thrown in the trash. 

It's obviously a Hail Mary, as there are many other choice wordings in the CBA that make Kaps' goal much harder to achieve, but it is still a step in the direction of giving players more freedom. It would finally put the ball in their court as they can rewrite this contract during a time where they desperately need it.

And one can assume the NFLPA would reward him for such help, as they want to get out of the CBA. 

Kaepernick isn't one to go against what he believes in, and is currently about to fight his toughest battle yet.