The University of Louisville has officially fired Rick Pitino for his role in a pay-for-play scandal involving Adidas.

The school had admitted to wrongdoing, and Pitino was let go along with AD Tom Jurich after an FBI investigation.

​​The school board voted to terminate his contract with "just cause" despite an argument from Pitino's lawyers before Louisville's athletic board on Monday. 

According to Jeff Borzello of ESPN, Pitino stated in an affidavit presented to the University of Louisville Athletic Association that  he "had no part -- active, passive or though willful ignorance" in the activities alleged in an FBI investigation.

Pitino also stated that he does not dispute the board's decision to terminate his employment but he continues to stand up for himself saying "I have given no 'cause' for termination of my contract."

Now, before you cast the first stone, it should be known that Pitino did pass a lie detector test given by an ex-FBI agent. 

Which to some, may make Louisville's decision seem a bit rash. 

But whatever happened in this case, it is not the first time Pitino has been involved in some sticky situations.

Pitino acknowledges the University's decision to fire him, as this all happened under his watch, whether he was a major player or not. But the 'just cause' is crucial, as it means the University wouldn't have to pay off the rest of Pitino's contract. That's $44 million.

Stay tuned, this story is just beginning.