​This is not something that should ever happen. 

Every day we seem to hear more stories of the effects of concussions on NFL players, and the devastating reality that most players face once their careers in the league have finished. This is just a reminder of that fact. 

During the Redskins and 49ers' incredible game, Pierre Garcon lowered his shoulder and delivered a nasty hit on Washington safety Montae Nicholson. What Nicholson's body did after the hit is just disturbing.

​​Not only did Robinson's helmet get sent eight feet in the air, but Nicholson's body twitched out in such a way that it looked like he was still trying to run while laying down sideways, his fist stuck in the air, immobile.

It's just the classic involuntary spasm that seems to happen far too often in this game.

The close-up of the hit only proves to be more horrifying. 

Nicholson is reportedly alright, but how alright can you really be after a hit like that?​​