Can you really blame him?

Aaron Rodgers may be out for the season, after suffering a broken collarbone on a hit from Vikings LB Aaron Barr early on in this game. The team took to Twitter to make the announcement a few hours after the injury happened. 

To make matters worse, the hit was definitely questionable, as Barr hit Rodgers after he threw the ball. Aaron was visibly upset by the hit, as you can tell by the words he was slinging at the Minnesota D as he walked off the field. 

​​Any time you see a blurb like that you know there was some emotion behind those words...and some cursing. 

Can you really blame Aaron for being upset though? He probably knew something was wrong as soon as he absorbed the hit, and he knew the hit should have never even happened. 

Screw it, curse him out Aaron why not. With his season possibly over, what's the worst that can happen.