​The Clemson Tigers have fallen.

In what's truly a shocking result, the Syracuse Orange have pulled off a stunning upset, taking down Clemson on the road.

This Tigers' loss comes with a few question marks, including why Dabo Swinney decided to start Kelly Bryant on the road when he clearly wasn't 100 percent. Kelly went down in the second quarter with a concussion, and never returned. Thus sparking Syracuse's quest for an upset.

We have to give Cuse some credit, however. In front of a packed house, QB Eric Dungy led a new-look Orange offense on three TD drives. Cuse's up-tempo attack had Clemson on their heels all game, something we haven't seen from this high-touted Tigers' defense in the past.

Without Bryant, Zerrick Cooper got the snaps behind center. While Clemson was able to put up some points after his absence, Cooper was never really able to get into a rhythm.

Cuse's defense held Clemson' rushing attack in check in the second half, leading to a big upset.

​​For Clemson, this does not mean their National Title hopes are gone, but it does put a dent in their resume.

We can't forget, however, the Tigers' last-second loss to Pitt last season as a subtle reminder that no team--not even the best of the best--is flawless.