​Things have gone from bad to worse for the Clemson Tigers, who may have just lost their best offensive playmaker in QB Kelly Bryant.

Bryant has surprised us all this season, filling in for team legend Deshaun Watson quite nicely. But on Friday night, he really shouldn't have been playing in the first place.

Dabo Swinney decided to roll the dice with Bryant, despite clearly not being 100% and still recovering from a lower body injury. After this hit, he could be out for quite some time.

We don't want to speculate, but this didn't look good. The *best* case scenario is that Bryant was knocked out cold by the hit, rather than him re-aggravating his existing injury.

Still, this once again brings up a rare chance to question Swinney for even playing his star QB in the first place. By the second quarter, it was clear Bryant couldn't lead this offense.

Now, that's the least of their concerns.