The Cubs are expected to take off momentarily, after a lengthy delay.

The Cubs spent over five hours on the ground en route to LA after a five-game series. Not to mention any immediate issue with switching time zones.

While the plane won't land TOO late out on the West Coast, it does provide another obstacle for a team that just played an exhausting five-game series against the Nats.

An unfortunate situation for the Cubs.

​Details are still sparse, but it has been confirmed that the Chicago Cubs have landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after being diverted from Los Angeles. 

The reason being given is that there is an ill family member of someone either on the team or in the organization that is being treated as an emergency situation.

​​As of now, it's unclear what member of the Cubs' organization is dealing with this. 

Fortunately, it's being reported that this is not a life-threatening situation and that there are external factors- such as the pilot of the plane having to be replaced- at play, here.

​​The bizarre scenario sounds nightmarish for Joe Maddon's club, who just fought through a brutal five-game series with Washington and is set to take on a well-rested Dodgers' team. 

The team has been grounded for a head-turning amount of time.

There's obviously more to this story and we'll update you as soon as the details emerge.