What was shocking was the USMNT failing to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986 with  inexcusable losses to Trinidad and Tobago

What's not really shocking is what followed immediately after.

Regardless of the sport, whether it's World Football or American football, when the wheels fall off, the coach/manager will always be at the front and center to take the hit.

Here is the ex-manager's official statement regarding the resignation:

It's an extremely unfortunate departure, especially for a coach who was so disappointed, he told Steven Goff of the The Washington Post that he had "no interest in going on a four-year cycle right now.” 

Talk about foreshadowing.

We saw the resignation coming. What we didn't see coming is the major step back for American men's soccer, which just doesn't seem to have a strong enough soccer culture right now to recruit players and build teams that can compete with the powerful European nations.

Reports are that Tab Ramos could be taking over as interim head coach until the team makes a decision as to who will permanently fill the role moving forward.