​Michael Taylor drove him to drink. 

It's been a rough chain of events for the Chicago Cubs, who took a 2-1 lead over the Washington Nationals. The Cubs dropped last night's game, and suffered through a big second inning by the Nats. 

After a long day, it seems as if Maddon needed to wash it down with a beer from the looks of things. 

Maddon was spotted in the dugout drinking what looks like a beer out of a soda or water bottle. Whatever the substance was, it sure is foamy, which is why a lot of people think he was drinking beer. 

I'm not exactly an expert on the MLB rule book, especially the rule book for managers, but I can't see why it would be illegal for Maddon to drink in the dugout. If a guy wants to get tanked and blow his shot at winning a game, that's his prerogative. 

But it looks like the "beer" was good luck, because the Cubs now lead 9-6 and Chicago doesn't seem to be worrying at all with the Nationals choking this game away.