The Chicago Cubs found themselves with an early 1-0 lead over the Washington Nationals entering the bottom of the second inning. The confidence was there for the Cubbies.

And then Daniel Murphy walked up to the plate.

Murphy has made a career out of being a thorn in Chicago's side in the postseason. He did that again, as he hit an absolute bomb to right-center field to tie up the game.

With Washington D.C. rocking and with viewers losing their minds over the home run, you might have missed something. As Murphy's homer reached the outfield stands, a fan who tried to catch the ball got absolutely blasted in the head from the looks of this clip:

Yikes. That's gotta sting for sure, especially with the exit velocity that the ball left the field of play with.

Hopefully the fan is okay, and only requires an ice pack on the head, especially with the insanity ensuing later on in the inning. He must have a massive headache.

The Nationals have the D.C. crowd rocking early on in Game 5. Unfortunately, that rocking will leave bruising for some fans.