​One thing we all know about Warriors star enforcer Draymond Green is that he is not shy to share his opinion on basketball, and outside of basketball.

His words rub people the wrong way, and I am pretty sure he wouldn't want it any other way.

Last season, the Golden State Warriors earned their second championship in three years, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1.

While defeating a LeBron James-led team is impressive, Green was not happy about it. He wanted a different result, but just in a more dominant fashion.

​​If that does not fuel the Cavaliers this year, I don't know what will.

I am pretty sure for most, Draymond is that one guy that people will try to ignore because he will always get his word in. However, Cavaliers must have their eyes and ears open to this.

While the league has become more competitive, the inevitable Cavaliers/Warriors matchup will most likely take place again. 

If that is the case, Green, and the Warriors better not look past this reloaded Cavs team.