Just when it looked like the Cowboys were going to have Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield for the rest of the season, major news just dropped. 

​The Federal Appeals Court just cleared the way for Zeke's six-game suspension to be back in full. Out of nowhere, the massive suspension that loomed when the season kicked off has returned.

​​The Cowboys are currently 2-3 on the season and would undoubtedly look to Elliott to help them right the ship the rest of the way.

Now? The offense's ability to move the ball and keep the defense off the field took a MASSIVE hit. The Cowboys, fresh off a loss to the Packers on Sunday, have a bye this week. 

They'll next take on the 49ers in Week 7, but as of now, they won't have their Pro Bowl RB in the backfield for that game and many more. Elliott originally landed his six-game suspension before the start of the season following the NFL's investigation into his alleged domestic dispute. 

We'll see if the Cowboys can toss a Hail Mary to get Zeke back on the field. But just when they thought they were all clear, the league pulled them back in. Maybe time for Jerry Jones to break his recent buddy-buddy streak with the Commish.