The Cleveland Cavaliers are preparing to make another run at glory. But while the 2015-16 NBA champs acquired a serious amount of talent over the course of the offseason, there's concern that much of this talent is past its prime.

That's particularly the case with Derrick Rose, who has been named the starting point guard while fellow new arrival Isaiah Thomas works his way back from a hip injury. Rose is coming off of an incredibly lackluster season in New York, and with his penchant for injuries, he'd appear to be more of a risk than he's worth.

Make no mistake, however: ​D-Rose is ready to prove the haters wrong and help lead Cleveland back to the NBA's penthouse.

Obviously, there's the question of what will happen to the Cleveland rotation once Thomas has a clean bill of health again. Is Rose just a placeholder? Can he really be a dynamic presence playing alongside LeBron James and Kevin Love? While most would assume that I.T. is going to just snatch away all of Rose's high-leverage minutes once he's healthy, we may be witnessing an entirely different story if the veteran and former NBA MVP can keep producing moments like the one in the video above.

In other words, Cavs fans should breathe easy. Rose didn't come to The Land to let you down.