​Despite their recent success, the Cleveland Indians are quite possibly the last remaining "lovable loser" left in Major League Baseball. 

The Tribe fell to the New York Yankees in Game 5 of the ALDS on Wednesday and ended their season.

​With a crop of young and exciting players coupled with the game's best manager, the Indians are one of the easiest teams to root for across the league. One significant obstacle to winning over even more fans, however, is their controversial and offensive logo, Chief Wahoo.

​​Whether you view the Wahoo emblem as racist or not (hint: it is), or regardless of whether you do or don't believe it should be completely phased out of baseball, the Cleveland organization has to come to a conclusive decision. The product on the field is so much more worthwhile than a pointless push to have a divisive logo represent the team and city.

​​At this point, it's clear the Indians are trying to please both factions of the fanbase by keeping Chief Wahoo, but also using the 'block C' emblem on helmets and other apparel. Wahoo is still very much a feature of any Indians game and has become a hot topic of controversy when the postseason rolls around.

​It comes down to much more than a curse or even a nostalgic love for the logo. Whatever side you stand on this issue, it's fair to say that the logo is doing much more harm than good than it is for this franchise.

There's a good possibility that the 2017 ALDS will be the last time the Indians wear their infamous Chief Wahoo logo. We already know they've been talking to Commissioner Manfred about phasing it out further. And what better time to do so than after two postseasons pockmarked by some of the worst collective failures in franchise history? The stink is on them now.

If this is farewell, it's long overdue for many reasons.