​Last night, ​the Yankees eliminated the Indians in the decisive fifth game of the ALDS. It made for a thrilling capper to a terrific series, with both teams managing to make history along the way.

But if you like offense, it wasn't the kind of history you want.

Ouch! At least the Yankees survived and advanced. For Cleveland, this is simply dismal: not only did they combine for one stinker of a record, but they also set a horrid mark of their own, completed yet another playoff collapse with a two-game lead, and now find themselves searching in vain for answers.

And once they're done looking in the mirror, the Indians should direct what remains of their ire right at CC Sabathia.

Sabathia turned back to clock last night when the Yankees needed him most. He looked like he was back in his prime, eating up batters like they were tasty little hors d'oeuvres. He dominated the Indians for four innings last night before things started to get away from him in the fifth. But in retiring 13 Indians, he managed to put away 9 on strikes.

Not a bad evening of work for the big guy.

Most mortals couldn't have etched their names into the pages of history in barely four full innings.

And in so doing, Sabathia condemned Cleveland to the funny papers.