​Kyrie Irving certainly hasn't been making too many new fans lately. If anything, he's managed to get people to hate him even more each time he speaks, especially if those people happen to be from Cleveland.

The Cavaliers' bitter ex was back at it again on Wednesday, implying that Cleveland wasn't a "real-live" sports city.

This didn't sit too well with rapper and Cleveland native Doe Boy, who hilariously fired right back at Kyrie on Twitter.

He went IN. Not even just trying to have a witty comment or clapback, just going straight to the business -- theft. Terrifying, for sure, but you almost have to respect it.

While we're still waiting for a response from Kyrie himself, Twitter had a good time with it.

Some felt a sense of Cleveland pride.

Others just became fans of the up-and-coming rapper.

In short, Doe Boy: 1, Kyrie: -100000. At this point, Kyrie is going to have to try and beat Cleveland on the court because he's unable to do so in every other aspect.