You can go many different routes when trying to pinpoint why the Giants have been a dumpster fire this season, but all signs will always point to the head coach.

It's actually incredibly easy to blame Ben McAdoo for the Giants struggles based on some of his decisions. From putting his support behind Ereck Flowers to calling out a proven winner like Eli Manning, there have been a number of mistakes, but nothing leaps to mind more than the DRC situation currently going on in New York. 

After getting into an argument with McAdoo on the sidelines, Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie left the team's practice and has now been suspended indefinitely. Obviously, you don't want your star cornerback walking off the field, but there's a certain level of respect that has to be had for your coach. 

According to Giants' great Brandon Jacobs, that was never a problem this team had under Tom Coughlin.

​​There is no way that isn't a shot at McAdoo. No way. And if you were wondering, here's what he said to a response. 

And there you have it. 

Jacobs is completely right at this point. McAdoo has done nothing to earn the trust of players. In fact, he's done nothing but embarrass the team. From calling out players during post-game press conferences to clearly mishandling the talent and playcalling, it's hard for players to respect a guy like that.

If only the Giants could go back to the years when Jacobs was still on the team. In fact, going back to any year other than this would be a blessing.