It's rare to label a Week 6 game for a first-place team as "must win" but for the Steelers, they've put themselves in that position. 

For a team sitting atop the division, there isn't a ton of confidence flying around the steel city. It may be because they're coming off of a beating at the hands of the Jaguars at home.

Either way, this is the time for the Steelers to prove themselves against the best team in the league.

It's no easy task, but it looks like that will be the road they'll face come playoff time. 

As of now, the Steelers have beaten the Browns, Ravens, and a Vikings team without Sam Bradford. They haven't been impressive at all, and need to prove they can beat good teams if they plan on even making the postseason.

Pittsburgh has failed to run through the cake-walk part of the schedule with losses to Chicago and Jacksonville and now has a much tougher schedule ahead. After their matchup against the Chiefs, they have games against the Lions, Titans, Packers, Patriots, and Texans. 

​​Factor in division games against the Ravens and Bengals and this team could be in trouble. 

Hopefully, Ben Roethlisberger was telling the truth when he said​ he's still one of the best. They're going to need a vintage Big Ben performance to have a chance in this one.