In this politically charged and socially divisive time in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys now find themselves walking on eggshells.

The current bye week may have been intended for rest and relaxation in advance of a Week 7 matchup against the 49ers, but things are feeling hostile amid an ever-expanding impasse between ownership and labor.

After Dallas owner Jerry Jones stated players would be benched if they protested during the National Anthem, the team held a meeting about the issue with Jones in attendance. It may appear as if tensions were lifted after the longtime boss claimed he was the bad guy in the situation, but it's clear what's really going on here.

Jerry Jones is putting on an act, and his players are buying into it.

The owner claimed he was only voicing his opinion so strongly to the media in order to deflect attention and pressure away from his players. In reality, this isn't a benevolent heel turn. He's not "playing the part" of the villain.

He is one.

As part of these ongoing dialogues, Jones told Cowboys players they can kneel and link arms before the National Anthem plays, just like they did in their matchup against the Cardinals on September 25th. This is not actually a compromise, nor does it constitute the slightest concession-- it's sugar-coating the exact same standard he's already set. It's a false alternative.

The problem is that numerous Cowboys players ate it up. Dak Prescott claimed the meeting went well, as did head coach Jason Garrett. They're willing to continue accepting Jones' dressed-up words while he continues to ban real protests.

That's what happens when you live in Jerry's World.

And the winds won't be changing anytime soon.